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By  Robert Bogue  on 31-May-2017
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One of the challenges that I encounter with clients is the need for support in their planning for SharePoint and SharePoint Online. Sometimes that need comes upfront before the organization starts ...
By  Paul Beck  on 09-Jun-2017
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Overview:  As always this really depends on the circumstances but my broad view on reporting for SharePoint is outlined below. Thoughts:Power BI on-prem. has not been release but will work for...
By  Mikael Svenson  on 02-Jun-2017
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I got this tip from Paul Schaeflein via Slack that if you navigate to you can access the AAD of your tenant without signing up an Azure subscription. Awesome for trial ...
By  Office Team  on 22-Jun-2017
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Recent updates for security and compliance include enhancements to Advanced Threat Protection, eDiscovery, Advanced Data Governance, Advanced Security Management and expanded support for Windows In...
By  Office Team  on 22-Jun-2017
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Travel is the great connector. Visiting different countries gives us a broader perspective on the world and the people in it. Yasmine El Baggari, founder of Voyaj, wanted to take travel one step f...
By  Office Team  on 22-Jun-2017
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Today’s post was written by Ron Markezich, corporate vice president for Microsoft. Gallup has been synonymous with public opinion polling since the 1930s. Today it’s also considered a global lea...
By  Robert Bogue  on 22-Jun-2017
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I finally was able to get my interview with Graeme Newell up.  He’s one of the two authors of Red Goldfish. Take a listen. The post Interview with Graeme Newell on Red Goldfish appeared firs...
By  Vlad Catrinescu  on 21-Jun-2017
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As most of you know, I am creating quite a few training courses around SharePoint, PowerShell and Office 365 on Pluralsight! I just received an email that they are running an awesome offer until en...
By  Jeff Jones  on 21-Jun-2017
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Continued part 2 of earlier video at Here we add “spcrud.ts” library with CRUD methods to save JSON ...
By  Office Team  on 21-Jun-2017
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Lynn Le founded Society Nine to provide women with combat sports gear made specifically for them. But she was ultimately driven by a goal much greater than that—to empower the fight within every wo...
By  Office Team  on 21-Jun-2017
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Today’s Microsoft Office 365 post was written by Jon Kandiah, chief information officer for Three. Three is one of the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing networks, covering more than 97 percent of t...
By  Noorez Khamis (aka Rez)  on 21-Jun-2017
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For those interested in open source technologies, join Microsoft’s free online OpenDev Day on June 21, 2017 @ 9am PST.  Learn about how you can use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to host,...
By  Robert Bogue  on 21-Jun-2017
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Recently, we were asked to create a cleaning book that has a set of materials on objects in rooms. There were a relatively small list of fabrics and a relatively small number of objects that used t...