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By  SharePoint Pals  on 17-Nov-2016
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A new version of APP launcher is pushed to Office 365 by Microsoft. This is different than the traditional one and lets see what is new in the current version App Launcher The app launcher connect...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 12-Nov-2016
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Office365 Groups Office 365 Group is a service that enables teams to come together and get the work done by establishing a single team identity across Office 365 apps including Outlook, OneDrive f...
By  Thuan  on 29-Nov-2016
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Inspired by Microsoft, its products and technologies, my head with Tung Pham‘s one huddled together thinking about an eBook which would provide step-by-step guide to you in the Office 365 Hyb...
By  Ashok Raja  on 04-Dec-2016
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This list of must have VS Code extensions are my personal favourites for working in both Angular 1 and Angular 2 projects. While I switched from Visual Studio to VS Code sometime back ( way before ...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 03-Dec-2016
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We all know that a SharePoint online site can be externalized, how to externalized a Site Collection is beyond the scope of this blog, we will go one step further and shall talk on to whom we can e...
By  Office Team  on 02-Dec-2016
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Today’s post was written by John Jendrezak, accessibility lead and partner director of program management for the Office Engineering team. Tomorrow marks the 2016 International Day of Persons with ...
By  Office Team  on 02-Dec-2016
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Meetings are starting to get a bad rap. A Harris survey for Clarizen reports 46 percent of employees would rather do anything other than attend a status meeting—8 percent said they’d prefer a root ...
By  Office Team  on 02-Dec-2016
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Good Morning America’s newest segment, “Boosting Your Business,” sponsored by Microsoft Office, provides entrepreneurs with simple tips and tools to help grow their businesses. In this first segme...
By  Robert Bogue  on 02-Dec-2016
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Perhaps the most challenging role in the software development process is that of the quality assurance professional.  It requires a set of soft skills for dealing with developer egos and hard techn...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 02-Dec-2016
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This article on Web hooks for SharePoint developers is a compilation of basic what and why questions related to web hooks. What is Web Hooks? In a simple term it’s the way of notification (Push ...
By  Chris O'Brien  on 02-Dec-2016
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I’ve been writing and speaking on the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) for a while now, but in many ways it’s all been a bit theoretical so far. After all, SPFx is still in preview at the time of writin...
By  Christian Buckley  on 02-Dec-2016
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The Beezy team at the European SharePoint Conference in Vienna, Austria taking home the award for Most Innovative Cloud Solution for 2016 Ok, November was kind of a big deal. If you recall, at t...
By  Tobias Zimmergren  on 01-Dec-2016
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Recently I had a discussion about Azure Functions, the pros and cons, and running multiple instances of batch processing simultaneously. One of the immediate questions that came up in that discus...