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By  Office Team  on 03-Oct-2016
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Office 365 Enterprise E5 has a host of great features tailored to an enterprise organization’s needs for additional security (Advanced Security Management), enhanced protection (Advanced Threat Pro...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 16-Oct-2016
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I ended up spending too many hours in demystifying how SharePoint online works in a federated environment but apparently I didn’t get many details, though I got few but it wasn’t in one location. I...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 10-Oct-2016
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In one of my earlier article we have discussed about setting up SQL in IAAS and PAAS, now let’s talk about consuming them in SharePoint Online Using BCS. This document explains the steps to configu...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 26-Oct-2016
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In this blog post lets see how to bind SharePoint List items to a MVC web grid  in a Provider Hosted App.To create a provided hosted app, we need a client id and secret. Lets start with creati...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 26-Oct-2016
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By default, SharePoint Online doesn't allow to access it’s pages via iframe from an external application, in this article, we can see how to override that restriction and access SharePoint Online P...
By  Tahir Naveed  on 26-Oct-2016
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Scenario:Sub-site logo points to the sub-site's home page by default...and the requirement is to point it to the top level site's.Solution:We can not change Master Page in Office365/SharePoint...
By  Bill Baer  on 25-Oct-2016
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The English philosopher Alan Watts once said “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”. Recent discussions are that of the changing role of S...
By  Office Team  on 25-Oct-2016
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Peruse dashboards and drill into data specifics to make informed strategic decisions. An online immersion session is not your typical online event. Each 90-minute interactive session starts with a...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 24-Oct-2016
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The typescript async and await is a ES6 functionality. It used to allow the developers to write the asynchronous code to flows as a synchronous method, without write a handler or a callback functio...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 24-Oct-2016
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At some point in time we might have ended up or will end up in a situation like this in Office 365, where in a site collection where Auditing is enabled but still in the report nothing shows up. ...
By  Waldek Mastykarz  on 24-Oct-2016
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At the recent SharePoint Saturday Oslo I had the pleasure of co-presenting two sessions about building solutions on the SharePoint Framework with fellow-MVP Mikael Svenson. Here are the presentatio...
By  Robert Bogue  on 24-Oct-2016
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It’s been several weeks now since I got to attend a knighting ceremony. The queen wasn’t present and I wasn’t in a castle. It was my friend who was knighting his son. This ceremon...
By  Vlad Catrinescu  on 24-Oct-2016
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With the amount of great sessions at Ignite this year, there is no way you could have attended all, and even if they are posted on Channel9 and Youtube, you might want to download them to be able ...