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By  Jim Ehrenberg  on 03-May-2017
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Courtesy of Waqas Sarwar (MVP) I am trying to simplify the things, as SharePoint 2016 Already released and now everybody wants to know about the which is standard and which one is enterprise featur...
By  Andrew Connell  on 02-May-2017
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Read this post in its entirety on my site: Customizing your iTerm Prompt on MacOS for ProductivityIf you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get the most recent posts via email, either...
By  Robert Bogue  on 04-May-2017
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I get asked about whether SharePoint on-premises or SharePoint Online is right for the organizations I work with – or whether they should leverage the power of “and” and use both. In th...
By  Paul Beck  on 26-May-2017
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Overview:  I am enjoying working with Xamarin, easy for any C# developer with a little experience and forethought to build decent applications.  Microsoft/Xamarin really reduces the barri...
By  Tahir Naveed  on 25-May-2017
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Scenario:We know that Microsoft don't recommend any kind of load testing against SharePoint Online pages as mentioned here but still customers want to know how much time it takes to load a pag...
By  Office Team  on 25-May-2017
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In Episode 130 of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, Andrew Coates talks with Vesa Juvonen and Daniel Kogan about SharePoint Developer announcements at Build 2017. https://officeblogspodcastswest.b...
By  Andrew Connell  on 25-May-2017
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Read this post in its entirety on my site: Eric Shupps on the SharePoint Framework In His Own WordsIf you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get the most recent posts via email, eithe...
By  Robert Bogue  on 25-May-2017
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I’ve been working on some new course material and I wanted to verify the list of functions that could be used in a calculated column and realized that the list that was available from Microso...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 25-May-2017
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  As part of our PNP series, let us see how to create the List in Office 365 using Patterns and Practices (PNP) and add few columns and Content Types to that list dynamically. Basically, these...
By  Office Team  on 24-May-2017
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Today, we’re introducing several updates to Microsoft Forms, including improvements to the Forms portal, more languages and right-to-left reading support. Microsoft Forms portal improvements We are...
By  Sahil Malik  on 24-May-2017
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My new Pluralsight course is now available. This time it is about “SharePoint Framework — Getting Started”.SharePoint Framework is new, and a lot of things in it are not fully baked in. However, it...
By  Robert Bogue  on 24-May-2017
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When you work with clients to create powerful intranets, sometimes you get pulled into a broader challenge in the organization. The challenge is typically how to communicate effectively with the or...
By  Mikael Svenson  on 24-May-2017
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This might be know to all PowerBI guru’s out there, but as I’m a newbie doing this and couldn’t find an article right away I figured I’d jot it down for future reference. And a big thank you to my ...