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By  Office Team  on 14-Mar-2017
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Today’s post was written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team. Today, during a global webcast from Microsoft headquarters, we announced that Microsoft Teams—the chat-b...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 02-Mar-2017
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In the last article, we saw a very simple information about the Record Centre and we saw what template to be used to create the Record Centre Site. Now, let us see how to configure the Record Centr...
By  Joris Peolmans  on 07-Mar-2017
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On March 23th, the Belux chapter of the Dynamics CRM user group organizes the first user group meeting – check out the agenda below and register for the Q1 2017 CRMUG Belux Chapter meeting on the C...
By  Noorez Khamis (aka Rez)  on 24-Mar-2017
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Body: If you are a mid to large sized company and contemplating an Office 365 deployment or enhancing your existing Office 365 services, I cannot stress how important it is that you know of & t...
By  Jeremy Thake  on 23-Mar-2017
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Since joining Hyperfish, I’ve started blogging and podcasting over at so readers from my personal blog don’t miss out, here is a summary of my most popular viewed p...
By  Bill Baer  on 23-Mar-2017
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I want to sync SharePoint and OneDrive for Business libraries on-premises To sync on-premises instances of OneDrive for Business or SharePoint site libraries (when you don’t have an Office 36...
By  Office Team  on 23-Mar-2017
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In episode 123 of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, Richard diZerega and Andrew Coates talk to Jakob Nielsen about the Excel Bot.
By  Andrew Connell  on 23-Mar-2017
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Read this post in its entirety on my site: Troubleshooting and Fixing the "Out of the Blue, My SharePoint Framework Projects Won't Build!"If you are interested in signing up to my newsletter to get...
By  Office Team  on 22-Mar-2017
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The Office Store is introducing Power BI custom visuals to download and use in Power BI service reports and Power BI Desktop. Users will be able to easily discover and quickly download BI visualiza...
By  Marc D Anderson  on 22-Mar-2017
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There are many times when I start working with a client where they have used virtually no (or none at all) Content Types in SharePoint. As I discuss in my Content Types: Love Them or Lose It sessio...
By  Robert Bogue  on 22-Mar-2017
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Over the years, I’ve helped numerous clients migrate from one implementation of SharePoint to another. Sometimes this was because of version upgrades, sometimes as they migrated to the cloud,...
By  Jim Ehrenberg  on 21-Mar-2017
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A connected workplace empowers you to securely connect to the people and content you need, to transform business process, to inform and engage your employees and to harness the collective knowledge...
By  Jeff Jones  on 21-Mar-2017
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Ever wanted to code a JavaScript content editor (script editor) web part that saves settings to a list?   Without jQuery? The library below “wp-settings.js” does exactly that with native ...