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By  Vlad Catrinescu  on 02-Oct-2017
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Later this month I will be heading over to San Francisco to speak at IT/Dev Connections 2017! It’s the first time I will be speaking at this event, and I am really excited to speak there with...
By  Wictor Wilén  on 02-Oct-2017
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Microsoft Ignite is just around the corner and the sheer number of new announcements for SharePoint and SharePoint Online has been almost overwhelming. The team is making such a tremendous job righ...
By  Robert Bogue  on 02-Oct-2017
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Raising all kids today is hard. Since I’ve only attempted to raise kids in today’s environment, I can’t comment about whether it’s harder or easier than previous generations...
By  Mikael Svenson  on 02-Oct-2017
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Microsoft Flow has many triggers and one of the most useful ones is the HTTP request trigger, where an external party can call a specified endpoint with a message which will trigger the workflow. B...
By  Marc D Anderson  on 30-Sep-2017
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Today marks ten years to the day since I had my last drink of alcohol. That’s 3,654 days without a drink, or 87,696 hours, or 5,261,760 minutes. If you can’t live without a drink, you k...
By  Serge Luca  on 30-Sep-2017
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Last month in my spare time, I created a Flow that: Provisions a SharePoint site Applies a PnP Template Waits for the site to be completed In my spare time again (and I have a full time job:-) )...
By  Paul Beck  on 30-Sep-2017
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SPA are pretty common and recently on a project I had a request to show contacts with a SPA hosted on SharePoint.  Here is code that shall show Skype presence to the user. Note: Works on ...
By  Paul Culmsee  on 28-Sep-2017
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Hiya So I will say up-front that I used to be a security guy, so what I am about to share with you makes part of me feel dirty. With that said, I think this method is worth sharing because I get to...
By  Jeff Jones  on 28-Sep-2017
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Check out this live coding demo of how to reference and include [angular2-datatable] in your Angular2 CLI project.  Cheers! Video Screenshots References
By  Thuan  on 28-Sep-2017
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An engineer from one of my customers today paused Search but couldn’t resume it. Every time when he resumed the Search turned out timeout error. I had a look around the ULS View during the r...
By  Paul Beck  on 28-Sep-2017
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Overview:  Large organisations tend to use a tiered support model also called the escalation model.The Problem with Tier Support Models:A user finds an issue and explains it to level 1, the Le...
By  Joris Peolmans  on 27-Sep-2017
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A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post Microsoft Azure Machine Learning – the power to predict which provided  a high level view  of Microsoft’s service offering around machine learn...
By  Jeff Jones  on 27-Sep-2017
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Recently I wanted to create a Communication site in Office 365 but did not see the “+New” menu on the tenant SharePoint landing page.   However, I switched to another tenant and watched H...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 27-Sep-2017
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In recent days, we were hearing the term “Machine Learning” frequently. So, thought of deep dive in to that and sharing the known (learnt) things to the community. This is going to a series of arti...
By  Jeff Jones  on 27-Sep-2017
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Recently I had an issue where RDP to new Windows Server 2012 R2 machines required login – twice.   Saved credentials in RDP Manager were being passed, but the target machine required a se...
By  SharePoint Pals  on 26-Sep-2017
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Recently in one of the Migration activity, we faced a strange issue. We are migrating the Task List using a Custom Migration tool. Which will pull the tasks from a legacy application (IBM Connect) ...
By  Office Team  on 26-Sep-2017
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Today’s post was written by Jared Spataro, general manager for Office. Today, at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, we announced Office 2019—the next perpetual update for Office. This release, scheduled ...
By  Robert Bogue  on 26-Sep-2017
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When you want to control how a document looks, using breaks is a helpful way to start. By separating your document, you can keep headers from getting stuck at the end of a page, and even change the...
By  David Lozzi  on 26-Sep-2017
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This is not a fluff piece. I wasn’t asked to write this or prompted to share my thoughts. Like everything on my blog, this is my own view and opinion. I want to share the why behind “I&...